Is a Divorce Support Group Right For Me?

The incredible power of sharing your story


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My six-week divorce support coaching workshop is kicking off on Sunday, 12th November. I’ve had some questions come through on social media, so I thought I’d answer them here in case some of you were wondering the same.

In my last email, I outlined the ‘5 Ways a Divorce Support Group Can Help You Recover’.

If you’ve never taken part in a support group before, you might be wondering what value you will get out of it.

You will go from feeling isolated, confused, frustrated and lonely to supported, seen, heard and empowered to face the coming months and years of your divorce and co-parenting journey.

I took part in two support groups after my divorce. One was within the first six months of separation, the second was after my post-divorce relationship ended, and I realised that I was still struggling with codependent behaviours.

Each group helped me to feel like I was normal, that I wasn’t going through it alone, and that people genuinely cared about each other’s stories and wanted the best for each other as we recovered.


Isolation is one of the hardest hurdles to overcome when you are experiencing the pain and turmoil of separation. It doesn’t matter how many people we have around us trying to help, if they have not experienced what we are experiencing, there’s a feeling like we are completely alone in our struggles and no one ‘gets it’.

We are searching for the feeling that what we are going through is a universal response to an overwhelming experience. Let’s face it: there’s not many things in life that can shake you to the core quite like separation and divorce. This is why it has been likened by professionals to the death of a loved one.

I don’t believe that we should do grief alone.

However, when I tried to talk to my family and friends about it, they didn’t seem to understand the full impact of what I was going through.



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